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Compass direction

Someone searched for “compass direction” a few days ago, and I guessed it’d be great to introduce the Directional Chart techniques briefly in today’s article. Besides analysing an individual’s personality, behaviours, and traits, it...


About Marko: Career Directions

Marko sent me an email recently and wrote, “We reside in Australia and got your book through Amazon. My wife has been reading numerology books for the past 15 years. My friend from Melbourne...


Opportunities & Directions

OPPORTUNITIES. That’s what many people are chasing after, be they for wealth, job and career prospects, marriage, and other aspects of life improvement pursuits.  So when opportunities come, you must step into the right...


Direction Chart

I noticed a user had tried to search for “Direction Chart” but with negative result. Imagine your frustrations when you tried to search for an answer but could not find any. Perhaps your focus...


Directionology, QiMenDunJia & Courses

    The topic “Wealth, Luck and Success Directions” explained in my book provides basic theories on how you can select an ideal direction to achieve what you want to do. I have also...


Directionology – Manifest the Opportunities

With the current turmoil, riots and natural disasters around the world, many people are worried about increasing inflation rates and economic uncertainty. Prices are interdependent and independent. When one commodity goes up, it sets...


Numerological Predictive Observations 2021

I wish you all a New Year 2021 filled with hope, joy, and love. May this year 2021 brings you clearer visibilities and taking actions to attract an abundance of good blessings, success, better...

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