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On EON Time of Birth

Somebody searched for “Time of Birth” this week, and I felt it’s good to explain, based on my research findings, to include the birth time, whenever possible, in our profiling analysis. The birth time...


FEON+ Feature: Time of Birth Chart

Helen chanced on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method from my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Profiling.” And like an impatient user, she registered the FEON+ software to help speed up her analytical passion...


Time of Birth Chart

Many Chinese, Arabian, Indian, & Western Numerology methods, Horoscopes, and Astrology, has limitations too… where the birth time was not taken into consideration. It does not make any logical sense to say that different...


EON Birth Time and Cycles

At the recent FEN BASIC LEVEL course, one student was asking about the advantages of using the TIME OF BIRTH (ToB) CHART to profiling a person. I was using the late Maurice Gibb as...


Kristine & Raymond: Trying Times?

Sam asked if I can do a relationship case-study analysis of his female friend Kristine, and her boyfriend Raymond. “Sure, why not?” I replied to Sam, whom I’ve known for many years. Before I...


How to plot the time chart

That’s what someone did while trying to search for an answer on “how to plot the time chart.” Considerably, when I developed the Elements of Numbers (EON) System and published my book “Elements of...


Inaccurate or unknown birth dates

Clarence emailed me recently, and wrote, “Some of the seniors born in the olden days where registration of their birth date was almost unreliable and inaccurate. For e.g., my parents are born in Malaysia...

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