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On Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings

According to The Guardian online article, titled “Dominic Cummings’ relationship with Boris Johnson ‘fell off cliff’, says ex-minister,” it was reported that Boris “had been “very dependent” on Cummings for a long time.” Let’s...


The Search for “Sleeping Y” Theory

I posted an article, “EON Bits on Sleeping Y (and Unzip Code)” two years ago, in late May 2018. I explained why you should avoid using the “fear tactics” theories adopted by many external...


Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide: Multiple-Effect Vibes

According to this online CNN.com article, the financier and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein “hanged himself at New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, a law enforcement official told CNN — less than a day after...


On Gerald: Past Outcomes and Future Actions

In the earlier article “On Gerald: Impact of Past Behaviours,” I’ve highlighted some behavioural issues that Gerald might have exhibited previously that could lead to his current situation, including his finances and career. As...


On Elsie: Need for Work-Life Balance

Peter recently texted me about a female acquaintance he has met lately. And like many EON/FEN students whose curiosity and inquisitive responses are high, Peter managed to obtain Elsie’s birth date and started to...

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